Island Walkthroughs

Early Poptropica: Start off by going to the right and go in the well. Jump to the top left and get the glow stick.Now go back to land and go left. Now go into the sewer and go down to the bottom right for the Prized Porker.But bfore u go up go left.Now this part seems hard but its easy but sadly i forgot the way to go just try everyway but DONT go up the rope until u find the golden Egg.Now when u do that climb up the buildings until u can get to the rooftop of the blue building.then talk to the giant and give him his egg then go right. Jump on the vines and keep on going right.Fly up the propellers and you’ll get the water bucket and Jet pack. So fly ALL the way over to the shovel and fly over it. Then get the flag before u fly right. So now u fly right give the water bucket to the guy by the well, and the flag to the guy on the top of the tower. Then go right to get your medal and 100 credits.

24 Carrot Island:Start off by talking to the mayor crying by the sign.Then go left and climb on the house and go through the chimney pick up the bowl then go out of the house and go right into the Cafe.Ask the lady to fill the bowl with milk.Then go back to the house in the chimney and climb up to the top floor and put the water hot then a cat will pop out then lead the cat to the bowl of milk. When you do that go to the right into the building next to the movie theater. Talk to the lady and give her, her cat and get the crowbar.Now go right and go to the top of the factory to get the blueprint then go right and use the crowbar on the air vent entrance now go left and wait for the platforms to stay up then go right and jump up and avoid the rat then jump up and get inside Dr Hare’s factory.Now go left and make the lights go in this order Middle,down,middle then the lights are on.Now jump all the wat to the top and jump on the crane then ride over to the air vents.Now do this in order too go left all the way to the processing room and get the wire cutters but DONT go into the room yet. Now go all the way to the right first go to the printer room and talk to the girl on the bottom and click her power button on her ears. Then she’ll show you the password that you’ll need later. Now go to the freezer room and cut all the wires.Now the fun part… Use the carrot transporter u got from the sewer entrance and do everything all over now when your in the vents go to the processing room. Now go to the bottom and talk to the 2 poptropicans.Then go right and click the door then fall down.Now go left then right and dont get smash by the walls and dont get covered by the carrot mush.Then jump on the pipe and get the bunny drone ears.Put them on THEN go through the door now let Dr Hare talk and then jump on the rabbot and jump to the top right. Talk to the boy then type in the password “fuzzy bunny”and then “Launch Rabbot” now when hes in space use your mouse to move Dr Hare into all the astros then when he explodes get out with your carrot transporter.Then go to the Mayor again and he’ll give you the medal and 100 credits.

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