About Us

Hi There! Im Speedy Jumper and i love to play Poptropica And Are u having troubles with islands? Wanna know some juicy secrets and many more! Well this is the place for you. The site was made July 30th 2011 by me and i would love to have more people sign up. But u must have a wordpress account and play poptropica.So i hope you like my cheats.

– Speedy Jumper.

Hi my name is Katie and I’m a new writer here! I will tell you about myself: Yes I do have a blog! I have finished every island except Skullduggery! I usually like to offer to help you with islands for no cost. I can do mostly every island without cheats. If I use a video its only if I really have to because it makes me feel like a loser when I do. I will try my best to help you know all the secrets from “Hoops” all the way to “Wild West” and even some top secret info! Keep reading our blog daily to find new stufff you probally never knew about!


Hey guys im the new author.My name is therickrace and i hope you like the cheats i post and what the other authors post

– Rickrace

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